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Planning & Design

It all starts with your dream. In our Initial Consult, the Architectural Design Consultants will help you explore the options for your home while discussing styles, materials, and desired functionality. In the next step, the consultants will build your renovation plan establishing a budget and a 3D rendering of your consultation.

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Homeowners Academy


Gain peace of mind as a homeowner through knowledge and awareness. Whether you want to organize your home information, learn DIY tips and trends, or want to master everything pertaining to home renovation, the Homeowners Academy is your all-in-one resource. Click below to learn more. 

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Wooton Construction

Where the Dream Becomes a Reality.  Already have plans? Great, our team is ready to help build your dream. Not sure of the plan? Our Planning & Design Division can help you plan your project from Start to Finish.


How we define success...

One day I walked into a home near the end of a full house renovation. The customer had purchased the home her grandparents owned when she was a young girl. I walked in the front door. She was standing in the living room facing away from me towards the kitchen. I realized she was weeping. I asked "Are you ok? What's wrong?" As she turned I quickly realized by the smile on her face that those were tears of joy and she said, "I can't believe I get to live here."

David Wooton            


Wooton Construction, LLC, Building Contractors, Lafayette, LA

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Home Planning and Design Services in Lafayette

As a trusted, local company in Lafayette, we provide end-to-end services for new home construction or existing home renovations. Each project starts with our consultants working with the homeowners to provide tailored house design services. We listen carefully to our customers in order to design their dream home that captures everything they want. The house design services can reimagine an existing home, adding functionality, beauty, and design elements that modernize or accentuate the look you want. We also offer new home construction in the Lafayette area, working very closely with our customers to choose materials, schedule the best tradesmen, and add to the overall home design. We will work with you every step of the way until your dream home becomes reality.

Customized Construction and Renovation Services In Lafayette

Buying a home is a very exciting and stressful time of life for most people. It is often difficult to find an existing home in the Lafayette area that is absolutely perfect. The Home Project Center was developed just for those situations. Our team of designers, consultants, and construction crews are here to work with you for full house renovation, renovation of a room in an existing home, or new home construction. We help manage the process, streamlining home renovation and construction projects from an initial design discussion to putting in the finishing touches. Through our professional home renovation services, we take your dreams for a new home or an existing home and make them come to life. The renovation services we offer are based on your lifestyle, preferences, and your goals of home ownership.

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