Wallpaper is Making a Big Comeback on a Smaller Scale

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From the Know Your Home Staff/ Photographs provided by Wooton Construction

Wallpaper has been making a big comeback in 2020. For a couple of decades, homeowners gravitated away from wallpaper and preferred using paint to accent their homes. The fact that paint was much easier to apply and replace when you tired of the look was one reason wallpaper started to fade out. Well, no longer do you need to use thick glue paste to install wallpaper. It comes pre-glued in most cases. Some companies make it even easier with a peel and stick wallpaper that is easy to remove and leaves no damage to the walls.

"This ain't your mama's wallpaper anymore," says Davey Wooton with a laugh. She and her husband David Wooton are the owners of the Home Project Center by Wooton Construction. Davey is head of the Planning & Design Division, which offers everything from a Dream Session to learn your home's potential, all the way to drawn sets of Floor Plans that you can view digitally and in 3D. If you choose Davey and her team to draw your plans for a remodel, you can see what your selected finishes will look like in the space, including wallpaper. Davey believes this software feature not only saves the client from possibly making choices they might regret, but it also helps them to narrow their options considerably.

"Wallpaper is a great way to try funky ideas in a smaller space, or just on an accent wall," says Davey. One of the biggest trends she is seeing on Wooton Construction's recent remodeling jobs, is the wallpapered accent wall. "It's a great way to make a big impact on a smaller scale," she says. Davey believes you can do some "really fun stuff" in a powder room, foyer, or behind your bed.

There are endless styles of wallpaper ranging from the subtle to bold colors and graphic prints. When asked what her favorite wallpaper brand is right now, Davey replied, "Scott Living, because the designs are subtle and more accent wall oriented." Scott Living Wallpaper was launched by HGTV's Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, through their ever-growing Scott Living collection. To find out where you can source their wallcoverings locally, visit their website at www.scottlivinghome.com.

With wallpaper making a big comeback, you might consider trying just one wall in your home to make that big style impact without breaking the bank. Check out more about the Home Project Center and its Planning and Design team at www.homeprojectcenter.com.


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