Surviving the Storm

The Home Project Center knows how overwhelming it can be once the storm has passed. Safety, Clean-up, and Insurance are at the top of the list to get closer to recovery. We hope this page provides a useful resource for preparing for and overcoming any storms, today and in your future.

First, Gather Yourself

You will persevere! David Wooton has some advice on where to begin once the storm has passed. He goes through the important steps you can take to recover and keep your family safe.


The Storm May Be Over, But the Danger is Not

Many hurricane related deaths and injuries occur after the storm is gone. Watch what David Wooton has to say on making safety your top priority.

Water Safety 

After a hurricane, flood, or other natural disaster, your water may not be safe to drink. Click the photo for water safety tips from the CDC.

Food Safety After a Power Outage

When in doubt, throw it out! The CDC has some tips on keeping you and your family safe. Click the photo to learn more.

Shopping List for Mold Clean-up

Inhaling airborne mold can be hazardous to your health. Click the photo for the CDC's tips on what you need before you clean.

Generator & Chainsaw Safety

We often hear of death or injury after a storm that could have been avoided by following safety guidelines. Click the photo to learn more.

Settling Insurance Claims

Before any cleanup or repairs are done, you need to follow some steps to ensure you get the most out of your claim. Click the photo for tips from the Insurance Information Institute.

Disaster Checklist for Your Finances

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a disaster checklist for protecting your financial records. Check it out by clicking the photo.

In Need of FEMA Assistance?

Louisiana Survivors affected by Hurricane Ida can learn more and apply for FEMA Assistance by clicking the photo above.

Catholic Charities of Acadiana is Responding to the Aftermath of IDA

Learn more about what services they are providing to survivors and also how you can donate or volunteer by clicking the logo above.

Why a HOMEBINDER should be on your hurricane preparedness list

The Home Project Center has partnered with HOMEBINDER because we believe in this product as a priceless tool not only for storm preparation but for disaster recovery should your home sustain damage. Learn more about how HOMEBINDER can bring you peace of mind before a storm strikes by clicking the HOMEBINDER logo.